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Increased demand on enhanced web-users experience together with interactive software development evolved into appearance of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). RIAs are applications that combine improved user interface and functionality of desktop software, accessibility and low-cost deployment of Web-based applications and the best of interactive, multimedia communication


Compared to standard HTML-based applications, RIAs have following characteristics:

  • Consistent – Unlike HTML applications that often need several pages reloads for an action completion, RIAs enable seamless and interactively controlled stages transitions that do not distract users from an action end goal
  • Targeted – RIAs technologies provides a platform for development of compelling user interfaces that are completely focused on your and your customers needs, having the application design optimized for the purpose it serves
  • Intelligent – Can dynamically adjust their behavior by capturing, maintaining and using contextual information. RIAs interactively deliver users exactly what they need and greatly reduce their workload, time and effort spent on targeted actions performance, acting as intelligent customers’ assistants rather than mere tools.
  • Responsive – Due to specific technologies used, RIAs simplify complex processes (like registration or purchasing), save bandwidth and perform considerably faster than traditional Web applications, thus enhancing customers’ online engagement, guidance and feedback.

Unlike ageing HTML, RIAs typically transfers the processing necessary for the user interface to the web client but stores the bulk of the data back on the application server. Using the broad reach of the Internet, RIAs can be deployed across browsers and desktops.

Why should you adopt RIA?


  • Broadens business processes to rich user interfaces
  • Creates more interactive and interesting user experiences
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and make users more productive
  • Employs industry-standard programming languages and design patterns

Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Marketing of new, innovative solutions becomes easier
  • Drive revenue through applications that reduce process abandonment and enable intuitive self-service
  • Aids users to respond to changes faster


  • Aids in creating rich applications using a highly productive, standards-based programming model
  • Brings together rich data controls, visual transitions, and integrated multimedia components
  • Tailor the look and feel of your applications using a CSS-based skinning and styling model